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Week of October 10: Mullet are drawing in sharks, tarpon and snook

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We didn't catch this angler's name, but we did snap a photo of his jack crevalle at the North jetty.

Today's forecast calls for a high of 82 degrees, NNE winds at 8-1o mph, possible scattered thunderstorms in the afternoon and 2 to 3-foot seas. Afternoon thunderstorms are possible throughout the week. 

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“Good morning all my fishing fanatics. I  hope everyone is well and had a great weekend. It was nice! Without further ado, here is this week’s report: If you haven't guessed, fall is here and the mullet run is in full swing! They are everywhere and in all assorted sizes, too, and that is making for some excellent fishing throughout the entire inlet. It doesn't matter where you; just pick your favorite place and go. 


North jetty: Over here has been the better of the spots as you have deeper water, and the mullet are coming down the beach from the north. I have seen a ton of larger mullet this last week, which, in turn attracts the larger predators like sharks and tarpon. Both tides, it really doesn't matter. Folks fishing with live finger mullet are catching a lot of redfish, small and larger ones, but they are catch-and-release only. The snook bite has been really good as well, with a lot of juvenile snook being caught, along with plenty of slot fish as well. Incoming tide on the north side of the jetty is good, and at the tip of the jetty on the outgoing tide, too. Lots of jack crevalle and ladyfish I heard of some bluefish being caught, even though I didn't see them. The water temperatures have gone down to between 74 and 77, so they should be showing up. One of my friends has been doing really well with the Spanish mackerel bite and the fish have been nice size. Live greenies if you can get them will be the best, but the smaller finger mullet will work well too, along with small jigs and spoons. Remember folks, please, when cast netting your baitfish, take what you need and please clean up after yourselves and throw back what you don't need. Help us try to keep the jetty clean of any dead or discarded baitfish, so we don't lose our cast netting privilege. Mutton snapper are also being caught. Most were between 16 and 18 inches, and a couple in the 23-inch range. Eighteen inches is the minimum for them. One of my friends fishing the surf pocket area had a couple flounder hooked up, but lost them at the net, so they will be showing up. 

South jetty: Here, the fishing has been fairly good. Lots of small snookies busting up the finger mullet along with some redfish and jack crevalles. There have been plenty of slot-sized snook being caught on both tides along the rock shoreline, but the incoming has been the better tide as you have higher water levels - and slower water movement - which is easier to fish. Outgoing at the tip is producing fish as well in the eddy, and also along the beach pocket. Live mullet and small pinfish are the baits of choice. 

T-Dock area: Back here, it’s been a good bite on snook, most being caught on live pinfish along the shoreline west of the T-dock in the mullet schools. Finger mullet are a good bait, too, as the inlet is full of them. Some redfish, jack crevalles and Spanish mackerel are being caught back here too. Finger mullet, small jigs and silver spoons will work for them.

Catwalks, both sides: The north catwalk has been closed off all week, so nothing there The south catwalk has been producing some snook and redfish on both tides. Incoming is better as you have higher water; outgoing is good if you can catch the very first part of it before it gets cranking. Lots of finger mullet around attracting the fish. Fish the finger mullet with about a half ounce of weight with an 18-inch leader. Toss it upstream and real it back to you at the same speed as the current is flowing, either tide. 

Surf area, both sides: The north surf has been really good for snook and redfish if you catch the higher falling tide, so you have some water on the beach. Live mullet and pinfish will get the job done. Look for the schools of mullet and fish the area. Tarpon and sharks may be present when the larger mullet are running down the beach. South side surf the water has been dirtied up and lots of catfish and stingrays being caught. If and when it clears up with the water temperatures we are seeing now, look for the possibility of pompano, along with the start of our winter flounder run. Sometimes they show up first in the south pocket area just south of the jetty, then move in. 

Well, that's it in a nutshell my friends. Lots going on!! It's supposed to be kind of rainy most of the week, but some really nice FALL temperatures coming for the weekend. Get out there, catch some fish and enjoy what Florida has to offer at the beach! – Snookman”