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State of the Inlet Reports

In 2007, the Sebastian Inlet District entered into a long-term coastal modeling agreement with Florida Tech's (FIT) Ocean Engineering & Marine Sciences Department and Dr. Gary Zarillo to monitor sea level changes, natural sand transport and accumulation within the inlet system so the District could effectively and scientifically manage sand resources. 

This technical report quantifies the volume of sand contained in inlet reservoirs which helps determine the District's sand bypassing budget for periodic dredging projects and looks at morphological changes within the inlet system.  Dr. Zarillo conducts complex modeling with long-term data sets that include; hydrodynamic data from the submerged wave gauge, meteorological data from the weather station and semi-annual hydrographic surveys showing depths throughout the entire inlet system.  The report also identifies infilling patterns of the inlet's sand trap, a 42-acre depression that accumulates sand, as well as shoreline changes North and South of the inlet.

To discuss the report, request copies of older reports or for more information, call (321) 724-5175.

Downloadable Reports

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