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Week of Novermber 7: A tough week of wind and waves ahead, but black drum, snook, bluefish possible

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Our Angler of the Week, Bhelly Policarpio, of Orlando, caught a 30-inch, 8.5-pound snook with a small jack at the North jetty. It is her first snook! Congratulations and thank you for sending the photo. 

Today’s forecast: Expect a high of 81 degrees, partly cloudy skies NE winds of up to 20 mph and 4 to 7-foot seas.

 Wayne “Snookman” Landry gives us the low-down on recent fishing conditions at the inlet:

“Good morning, fishing pros and novices! I hope everyone had a greet weekend and enjoyed the outdoors. It was nice and breezy.  Unfortunately, there isn’t much to report, due to Mother Nature. In the early part of last week, fishing wasn’t bad. There were several species being caught throughout the inlet, front to back, then came the winds and waves and messed it all up!! But hey, that's part of the game. Here’s what's been happening:

 North Jetty:  Early last week there was a decent snook bite on all live baits, shrimp, pigs, croakers and pinfish, and finger mullet, but not near what it was previously. The bite has drastically dropped off, as I knew it would…always does this time of year when the water cools down. High tide produced nice slot fish on the beachside of the jetty and in the surf on the mullet. Outgoing tide at the tip was where they were biting pinfish and pigs. Early in the week I saw several black drum chase live and dead shrimp on the beachside of the jetty, high tide. Most of the fish I saw were between 14 and 18 inches, with 14 being the minimum to keep, and I saw a few up to the max limit of 24 inches. I also saw a couple of nice pompano caught on the goofy jigs on Tuesday. Those fish were in the 11 to 14-inch range. I saw bluefish on Thursday. A  couple of anglers caught their limit of three each, caught on cut bait on the bottom. Anglers also caught many Spanish mackerel on live greenies, small white jigs and silver spoons. High tide was the best for them on both sides of the jetty. Small to medium-sized jack crevalles were everywhere to keep folks interested. 

 South jetty: Early on in the week there was a decent snook bite on all live baits on the incoming tide; then came the large waves pushed by NE winds, rendering it unfishable. Turned it into a washing machine. 

Catwalk. The north side is still closed and the south side with wind, waves and seaweed has made it dirty and unfishable. There were sheepshead being caught Monday on the incoming tide while I was there, but after that, the water got very dirty and weedy. 

T-Dock:  I’ve seen a decent snook bite happening on both incoming and outgoing tides, and along the shoreline as well. The best baits have been the croaker and pigfish. 

Surf area, both sides: Last week’s winds and huge waves have blown out the surf fishing.

This week is going to be another wild, windy and wet one beginning Tuesday as the low-pressure system gets closer. It's going to be a mess again for a bit. If you do get out to fish, find somewhere out of the wind and maybe you can find fish hiding out and looking for a snack. Good luck, stay safe and we will ‘catch’ up next week!” -  Snookman.