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Week of November 21: Snook bite slowing down, but bluefish, jacks and sheepshead biting



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A gentleman who identified himself as "Eddie C"  sent in this dazzling photo of his tarpon, but we are more  cap;tivated by his facial expression. 

Today’s forecast calls for showers, a high of only 72 degrees, ENE winds at 15 mph and four to six-foot seas. Ick. Expect showers and/or thunderstorms throughout the week.


Our fishing guide, Wayne “Snookman” Landry shares his insights about fishing activity and weather conditions during this rainy week:

 “Good morning, fishing aficionados. I hope everyone had a nice weekend. It was windy and rainy, but pleasant temperature-wise. Once again, Mother Nature messes with our fishing, with the strong winds and large surf during the majority of last week, but there were some nice fish being caught throughout the inlet before the winds and the waves picked up. In my trips down last week at the beginning of the week there were finger mullet everywhere. The fish and the pelicans were keyed in on them. Remember, folks, if you hook a bird accidentally, please DO NOT cut the line because the hooked bird could fly to the trees to rest, tangle the line in the tree, which could trap and kill the bird. Do your best to bring the bird in and carefully unhook or untangle it from your line.

Now on to the fishing: The water temps have dropped greatly and are now down in the low 70s, which will in turn bring in the colder water species, shutting down the snook bite, as they prefer the warmer water above 75 degrees. 

North jetty: The jetty remains closed until missing grate lost during hurricane Nicole are replaced and related hardware arrives and is installed. Sebastian Inlet State Park will announce when the jetty is reopened. Thanks for your patience with this.  Fishing along the rock shoreline and walkway on the north side can be good on the incoming tide and the outgoing tide with live baits. Snook, bluefish, jacks and some sheepshead are being caught along the rocks on live shrimp. 

South jetty:  Over here is where all the action has been — and it gets crowded, too. At the beginning of the week, the snook bite on the incoming tide has been really good on all live baits! Live finger mullet, from what I saw, was the key bait for them, with many slot-sized fish being taken. Redfish, blues, jacks and a few Spanish mackerel were also in the mix. The outgoing tide has been a mess due to wind and waves, but there are bluefish and jacks being caught. Also, with the water being so cool now look for the winter flounder to show up on this side if the water clears. I received a report of one being caught in the surf pocket a week ago, about eight pounds. But, also remember the season is closed for them and doesn't open until December 1. 

Catwalks, both sides: The North side is still closed.  Fishing on the south side has been hit-or-miss, with some nice sheepshead being caught around the pilings with live fiddler crabs. The dirty water and weeds from the blow and big surf has it slowed down a bit until it cleans up. 

T-Dock area: Back here, the bite has also been a hit-or-miss, depending on the baitfish being in the area. Last week, when I was back there, they were catching some really nice Spanish mackerel on small white jigs and live greenies. The snook were around, with quite a few slot-sized fish caught on the incoming tide and the beginning of the outgoing tide on live finger mullet and pinfish. Plenty of undersized fish were caught as well. 

Surf area, both sides: The surf fishing for the most part has been blown out from the big NNE-NNW winds from last week. I did see some brave folks on the north side fishing the surf while I was monitoring the cameras, but didn't see any action. 

It's going to be a wet and windy week leading up to Thanksgiving, but things should improve. Happy Holidays, everyone!” - Snookman..