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Week of May 6: Slow fishing, but possible snook action at the T-dock

A hand holding a long-billed fish with a cloudy sky and rocks in the background.
This fish, called a Lookdown, seems shocked and surprised by having its photo taken. We need your fishing photos! If you'd like to be featured as the Angler of the Week, please send your photos to We love details! Please include your name, hometown, species of fish and (if you want to share) the bait or lure that worked for you!  

Today’s forecast calls for mostly sunny skies, a high of 81 degrees, ESE winds at 13 mph and one to two-foot season.

It’s time for our weekly fishing report from “Snookman” Wayne Landry, who has fished the inlet for 50 years:

“Good morning, Sebastian Inlet anglers! I hope everyone had a great weekend. The weather was outstanding. But not so much the fishing. To that end, this is a brief report.  It may not be what you wanted to hear, but I tell it like I see it.

Fishing has been mostly slow, largely due to the silted water on the north side and the sandy-muddy water on the south side. That alone will affect the fishing, as well as the lack of finger mullet. Water temperatures along the coast are reaching seasonal temperatures, but haven’t remained here. It was 78 degrees for a few days due to the ESE winds, but as of this morning it dropped to 76.  When the water temperatures quit fluctuating, fishing should improve and remain there.  

North jetty: The hasn’t been much action except for some small blues and jacks being caught on the outgoing tide at the tip on silver spoons or any type of natural bait. No snook. Incoming tide has been notta. The only thing I saw caught over the weekend were a couple small sheepshead, and some spottail pins. No snook, no redfish, or anything else either. Pretty slow. 

South jetty: Here, it is the same. At the tip during outgoing tide, look for small blues and jacks along with a few black margates and blue runners mixed in, but nothing else. The water over here is really muddy from the SSE winds and rough surf. Incoming tide if you can get lucky and have some cleaner water, you just might find a few snook wanting to play, live baits of shrimp and majorras will be the ticket for them. 

T-dock area: Back here I heard that the snook action has picked up a bit on the incoming tide when the water cleans up some. Early evening and into the night on the incoming, and first of the outgoing tide on live mojarras and bucktails or soft plastics, are producing some nice slot fish. Also, around the t-dock pilings since the water has warmed a bit, the small mangrove snappers are starting to show. Most are undersized, but they are around. The outgoing tide is also producing small bluefish and jack crevalles for those tossing spoons and small jigs to the channel area. 

Surf, both sides: The south side is and has been a washout — dirty/sandy from winds and rough surf; not much to be had on this side. On the north side, however, water clarity is better, large due to the long north jetty’s protection of the beach area just north of the jetty. I have received  reports of pompano and whiting caught just north of the inlet. Use cut shrimp, sand fleas and fish bites. Also, there is the possibility of small blues and jacks for those using silver spoons and small jigs/swim baits in the surf. 

That's all I have for this week. The weather is supposed to be hot this week, so bring plenty of water and stay hydrated out there. Grab your gear for fishing, get out there and enjoy what the inlet has to offer!´— Snookman.