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Week of May 30: The T-dock may be your best bet , but snook season ends May 31 at midnight

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Today's forecast calls for cloudy skies, a high of 82 degrees, ENE winds of 12 mph and two to three-foot waves.

“Snookman” Wayne Landry shares a reminder about safety at the north jetty, as well as what’s biting at the inlet:

“Good morning,  fishing fanatics! I hope everyone had a great and safe weekend. The weather sure was nice. I would like to start off with a safety reminder for everyone fishing the north jetty. The yellow lines painted on the jetty designate a safety walkway for everyone walking the jetty. The area between the yellow lines and the railing is to be kept clear of any carts, buckets, coolers, bags, backpacks, chairs and any other equipment brought with you. You are limited to yourself and two rods that you are using when between the yellow line and the railing. Everything else must be placed in the center of the jetty between the yellow lines. This is for safety reasons (in case there is an emergency and responders need a clear path out and back). We appreciate your attention to this matter. Now for the fishing report.

Fishing in the entire inlet, again, has been slow due to all the dirty water and massive mats of sargassum weed throughout. I’m not sure who wanted to install wall-to-wall shag carpeting in the inlet, but we need the blue, clean liquid tile back. Seriously, been pretty bad, but if you find some clean water you just might do well. There are still mullet running around the inlet and the large jack crevalles have been chasing them. Also, in the back of the inlet there are a lot of small greenies around the boat ramp and that side of the shoreline. Mojarras are around, but you have to hunt for them with all the weed. 

 North Jetty: Over here, the weeds have been thick last week, but it has cleaned up quite a bit over the weekend - not so bad- but the big swells kept the water dirty for the most part. Catfish and some blue runners are about the only fish I saw all weekend. Outgoing tide at the tip the boaters have been getting some snook on live croakers, but the fish are way out in the cleaner water and the jetty anglers can't reach them. Reminder, snook season closes May 31 at midnight! I did see a few black margates and spot tail pinfish caught with cut shrimp along the pilings on the incoming tide, but that has been when the weeds have been the worst. Along the rock seawall between the catwalk and jetty has been slow due to the tides being outgoing for most of the day and the water being really shallow. 

South Jetty: Over here, the fishing has been much better on the incoming tide. The sargassum weed is here too, but when it comes around the jetty it goes wide and there are some snook being caught along the seawall on live croakers and mojarras. There are a lot of undersized fish, but also quite a few keepers caught in the mix. Remember snook season CLOSES May 31st at midnight! The outgoing tide at the tip for the most part has been a lot of catfish due to the very dirty water, but there are also some black margates, spot tail pins and blue runners as well being caught. Some nice sized jack crevalles are around as well on both tides for those tossing large silver spoons and big baits to the channel area. 

South Catwalk: Fishing here has been slow due to the dirty water and being an outgoing tide for the better part of the day, not much to be caught. Possibly some black margates and pins around the lee side of the pilings. Use cut shrimp for them.

T-Dock Area: Fishing back here has been mostly good. The incoming tide has been the better tide, and some of the first of the outgoing tide if you have clean water. The snook have been biting pretty good on live mojarras fished with light weights and light leaders all along the shoreline and from the dock. Most fish back here have been either keepers or oversized and released back to play another day. The night jig bite back here has been good as well from what I've heard. Also, for those fishing cut baits around the dock pilings, small mangrove snappers are showing up, but they have been too small so keep. They have to be 10 inches minimum, and only five per person. I did see a couple nice sheepshead caught too, cut shrimp. Also, Spanish mackerel are possible with the presence of the tiny minnows and greenies being around now. Small white jigs and silver spoons will do the trick. And for those who like to fish the big silver spoons tossed to the channel area, the monster jack crevalles are chasing the schools of mullet into the inlet. 

Surf Area, both sides: All blown out and very thick with the sargassum weeds, not to much to report. 

 That's it in a nutshell. The rest of the week is expected to be unsettled again with the rain chances increasing and the winds and swells picking up. It’s not the weather we usually have this time of the year, but I'm optimistic that it will straighten out soon. Grab your fishing gear and chairs and get out and enjoy the Florida outdoors and beach!” 

—      Snookman.