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Week of May 16: "Snookman's" sad fishing report - but conditions are improving this week

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We can't beleive anyone caught a fish last week, but we were lucky enough to catch this imposing cigar-chomping gentleman pulling a snook out of the water like a boss! Send us your fishing photos and be our next Angler of the Week!

Notice: The North jetty will be closed Wednesday, May 18, and Thursday, May 19, for cleaning and debris removal.

Today’s forecast calls for partly cloudy skies at noon, a high of 84 degrees, S-SE winds at 7 mph and increasing throughout the day to 15 mph, and two to three-foot seas.

Our fishing guide, “Snookman” Wayne Landry offers the saddest fishing report of 2022:

“Good morning, all my fishing fans! Well, these are the reports that I don't really like doing, but it is all I have to give as the weather last week was horrible! Thanks to high winds and gusts and  huge waves and surf, the entire inlet was a mess, with all the dirty water and seaweed present, and the absence of any baitfish due to the miserable conditions. The seas calmed down quite a bit over the weekend, but the water remained dirty and weedy. All I saw caught all weekend was one bluefish and some pesky catfish in the entire inlet - even the boaters weren't catching any fish. Pretty much that's it! 

Weather should improve this week, so hopefully things will calm down and clean up. On the other hand, it is good weather for beaching it! Grab your coolers, chairs, sunscreen and go out and enjoy the beach. Thanks everyone and have a great week."