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Week of May 1:  Alas, the fishing can only improve at this point!

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The north jetty was closed April 26 and 27 so that law enforcement divers could remove junk from the water as part of an annual cleanup event. Read the entire article on our home page.

If you'd like to be featured as the Angler of the Week, please send your photos to We love details! Please include your name, hometown, species of fish and (if you want to share) the bait or lure that worked for you!

Today’s forecast calls for sunny skies, a high of 82 degrees, NW winds becoming SSE at 10 mph, and one to two-foot seas.

Our fishing guide, “Snookman” Wayne Landry offers up a brief fishing report. Here’s why:

“Good morning, all you fishermen and gals out there! Happy Monday! I hope you had a good week and stayed safe despite the crazy weather we’ve had. Here we go, and it's going to be short AGAIN. I'm sorry, but "uncontrolled circumstances" occurred, including the north jetty being closed most of the week for a special cleanup event, and the bad storms that occurred last week and throughout the weekend. Big thanks to all the law enforcement teams that participated in the two-day clean-up dive. Well done, despite choppy conditions. Thanks also to the Sebastian Inlet State Park for hosting the entire event.

Here is my report: Last week, on Monday before they closed the jetty, there was a good pompano bite, the water was cleanish, with some of the anglers getting good numbers and decent sized fish as well, and on live sandfleas. One couple ended up with 25 fish, they have a commercial license, so they are allowed a bigger bag limit. The rest of the week went downhill with the winds and swells strengthening and dirtying the water. Of course, the jetty was closed, and there remains a lot of seaweed around. This past weekend was a bust as the winds picked up even more and the water got even dirtier so there wasn't much going on. I worked on Saturday and saw zero fish caught on either side except for some catfish and puffers and jack crevalles. It was just that bad of conditions. 

This week is supposed to be good weather and no more storms. I'm hoping the winds will calm down and the water will clean up and more baitfish will show up. We need our early summer pattern to return and things will get better. There are silver mullet coming down the beach, and some more mojarras showing up as the water has warmed back up, but the water clarity has the fishing shut down. I hope everyone has a great safe week! Get out and enjoy Florida. Cheers, everyone!” — Snookman.