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Week of March 25: Messy condition may land you a catfish but not much else, says Snookman 

A person holding a large fish with the ocean in the background. (Image is rotated)
Our featured Angler of the Week, Keith Cole writes, “Hey, Snookman, I caught a big gator blue today, my first one, too. I used a huge topwater. Here it is!” Thank you, Keith, for sharing this fine specimen.

Our fishing guide, "Snookman" Wayne Landry gives us the scoop, even when the ice cream is melting: 

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Today’s forecast calls for partly cloudy skies, a high of 76 degrees, E winds of 16 to 18 mph and four to six-foot seas. Tuesday, look for partly cloudy skies; Wednesday, mostly cloudy; scattered thunderstorms expect on Thursday and finally, sunny skies on Friday.

 Good morning, Sebastian Inlet fishing fans. I hope you had a great weekend despite all the wind. This report, once again is going to be short due to the weather conditions spanning from Friday through the weekend. Wind-driven seas and surf in the inlet and its surrounding beaches turned into a giant dirty mess. Also, water temperatures have dropped back down to the 65 to 69-degree range from the 74 it was two weeks ago. Over the weekend, I visited all the fishing areas, but the only thing I saw caught were catfish and more catfish, and a lot of smaller ‘schoolie’ bluefish, and that's about it!

When I was at the inlet on Thursday, even the boaters fishing around the tip of the jetty for snook didn't fare well, either. I didn't see a single fish caught in the hours hours I was there. On Saturday, about the only action I saw was a six-foot bull shark fought and landed properly on the beach by an angler. The shark was released unharmed after the hook was removed. That was the highlight of the weekend!

Before  this mess blew in over the weekend, there were some black drum, pompano, Spanish mackerel and big bluefish caught, but the water was a bit cleaner and warmer. This week, expect another week of high surf and winds to keep water conditions churned up and messy. In checking the coastal surf reports for the week, it appears that things will settle down by the weekend. 

I wish I had better news, but you know me: I tell it like it is,  whether good or bad, no sugar coating from me! I wish everyone a great week, stay well and be safe out there!” — Snookman.