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Week of June 15: Mangrove Snapper, Red Drum, Bluefish and Spanish Mackerel

young woman standing on fishing pier holding snook

Despite the usual afternoon thunderstorms we see over the summer, the weather this past week was better and looks to be more of the same this week.  Hot but sunny days with some isolated showers here and there.  So for all you anglers, find some time to go drop a line...

The action has been decent, not great, with some mixed reports.  Mangrove Snapper have been hitting on live shrimp and fisherman out on the North Jetty have been bringing in Red Drum, Bluefish, Blue Runners and Spanish Mackerel.  We’ve heard reports of Snook biting too, but remember they are out of season and catch and releasee only until September 1.

For the Spanish Mackerel and Bluefish, use cut bait.  Blue Runners have been hitting on dead shrimp and smaller jigs, and use your live shrimp for the Red Drum.  Tommy at Sebastian Inlet Bait & Tackle tells us your best bet is out on the North Jetty.

This week’s featured angler is Makela with her first Snook-ever!  We hear that Makela loves to fish with her boyfriend.  She’s only been fishing for 7 months, but is a quick learner.  Way to go Makela and you have a world-renowned fishing spot in your own backyard!

A regulatory update:  Beginning July 15, all recreational anglers and commercial fishermen planning to fish for species that dwell on the ocean's reefs or seafloor, like Snapper or Grouper, must have a descending device on board their vessel.  A descending device helps to quickly transport a fish back to the reef or seafloor, giving it a much better chance to survive after having been caught.  Read more HERE from our friend, Ed Killer at Treasure Coast Newspapers.

If you want to be featured as our angler of the week, use the Contact Form to send us the details of your catch with photos (horizontal and vertical, please).  

Don’t forget to use our webcam when planning your next trip to the inlet with real-time weather, tide charts, images and more.  Have a great week!