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Week of January 29: The weather puts the chill on the fishing action

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Angler of the Week: Donnie shows off a 38-inch snook he caught using live shrimp. He released the snook back into the water unharmed because he knows snook season doesn't reopen until  Feb 1. Be like Donnie and follow the rules. We need your fishing photos! If you'd like to be featured as the Angler of the Week, please send your photos to We love details! Please include your name, hometown, species of fish and (if you want to share) the bait or lure that worked for you! 

Today's (Monday) forecast calls for partly sunny skies becoming sunny skies, a high of 61 degrees, NNW winds at 13 mph, and one to two-foot seas. Temperatures will hover between 69 and 72 throughout the week with Wednesday being the windiest day (WNW at 16 mph.)

Our fishing guide, "Snookman" Wayne Landry offers us a brief fishing report this week:

 “Good morning, Sebastian Inlet fishing fans and sightseers. I hope everyone enjoyed the weekend’s summer-like weather. Now we are back to the winter temps. Fishing at the inlet has been off and on: good one day, not so much the next few days. It all depends on water clarity.

North jetty: Last week, before the SE winds picked up, it was rather good; then the winds muddied the waters and the fishing dropped off. The water temperatures along the coast warmed up from 62 to 66 as of Sunday, and the snook played a bit last week. Some nice ones were caught on the north jetty on the incoming tide. Live shrimp was the key. Last week, on the outgoing tide at the jetty tip, black drums were caught on live and dead shrimp. Over the weekend, the action dropped off when water quality declined. I only saw a few black drum caught, and they were bigger this time — most of them over 24 inches — and only a few snook caught. All the action, what little there was, was on the north jetty as the rest of the inlet was muddied up a lot.

Surf area, north and south: The south side has been VERY dirty and rough, not too fishable, and a lot of catfish if you do fish it; the north side surf is a bit cleaner until you get too far away from the jetty, then it gets pretty dirty. Pompano, whiting and some black drum were being caught on shrimp and sand fleas. Well, that's pretty much it for the fishing report. 

Everyone please be safe out there and have a great time. As a friendly reminder, the area between the railing and the yellow lines is designated for walking and fishing. Please place equipment in the center of the jetty so that the walkway remains clear in case of any medical emergencies. Thank you so much. 

That's all, folks. Get out there and enjoy the weather and what the inlet has to offer.