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Week of December 12: Chilly weather has cooled the action, but flounder, jacks possible


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You may get lucky and catch a flounder at the T-dock according to Snookman Landry.


Today’s forecast calls for a high of 72 degrees, NNW winds at 11 mph, partly cloudy skies and 5 to 7-foot waves.

And now for our “Snookman” Wayne Landry’s weekly fishing report:

Good morning, fishing fanatics! The report for this week is going to be kind of short. There is  not much happening at the inlet due to the winds and huge surf making clouding the water, and this week isn't going to be any better. The winds are expected to  pick up and become NNE and the swell will increase to approximately 6 to 7 feet due to the storm out in the SE Atlantic. This weekend is supposed to bring some cooler weather, so maybe the cooler temps and the north winds will spice things up a bit for our flounder bite. Remember guys and gals, snook season closes Wednesday night at midnight. Here’s the scoop:

North side: The jetty is still closed, but the beach access at the restroom/concession boardwalk has been cleared for safe passage to the beach and jetty pocket area. Fishing has been producing many jack crevalle when bait is present. Live mullet and spoons and swim baits will get them to play. Cooler water has driven the snook from here to the northeast tip of the jetty where the boaters fish. Along the seawall/rocks on the incoming tide, anglers are catching  sheepshead on cut shrimp. I haven't heard anything about the flounder over here yet. 

South jetty: Incoming tide here is the best time to fish. Juvenile snook are being caught on just about any bait tossed to them. Remember, snook have to be minimum 28 inches before they can be kept, and maximum 32 inches, and only ONE per person. Several anglers were cited over here last week for violations. Please obey the fisheries regulations as they exist for our resources to stay strong for our future anglers. Again, snook season closes at midnight Wednesday night at midnight.. Other species caught have been the flounder, but most have been under the legal size limit to keep (14 inches), and can keep five per person. I have a report from one of my flounder guys who has caught a couple ranging in the 4 to 5-pound range, so there are some around, just have to put in the time and find a good spot. Baits producing have been small finger mullet and mud minnows, which can be purchased at the bait shops locally. 

Catwalks, both sides are still closed.

T-Dock area: It’s been slow here, with only a few small flounder being caught on the incoming tide, and the very beginning of the outgoing while the water is cleaner. Mud minnows and small finger mullet. Also there have been small snook still being caught on live pinfish during the last of the incoming, and very start of the outgoing. Once the water dirties up, it's over. Most of the snook are undersized, or just right at 28 to 29 inches, so be careful in measuring them. 

Surf: both sides has been totally blown out with the winds and huge surf. 

That's it in a nutshell. It’s going to turn windy and the surf is going to pick up. By the weekend, it will be cooler. Get out if you can, enjoy some Florida sunshine and fresh air. Cheers, everyone and Happy Holidays.” - Snookman