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Updated December 19: The fishing was lousy but the north jetty has reopened to the public following last weekend's wind and wave monstrosity

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Our Angler of the Week, Erica, shows off a gorgeous spotted sea trout she caught last week before the severe weather arrived and virtually shut down fishing action at Sebastian Inlet. Our fishing guide, "Snookman" Wayne Landry, reports that she she caught and released a couple of sheepshead and two undersized snook, all on live shrimp.


Our fishing guide, "Snookman" Wayne Landry ruefully offers this succinct and woeful fishing report. Unless you were living under a rock or didn't notice the weather outside, his report shouldn't come as a surprise.

“Good morning, fishing fans. This report will be brief and dismal, thanks to the poor weather that lingered throughout the week and into the weekend. High winds and monster waves of 10 to 12 feet shut down access to the north jetty on Thursday. Likewise, access to the south jetty was impossible with the waves washing over the rocks and jetty deck It was very dangerous on both sides. Also, the west side of the north park was closed as well due to the high water level, making fishing from the rock shoreline treacherous. The only place to fish safely was the back of the inlet along the shoreline and the T-dock area.

About the only fish I heard being caught were some nice sheepshead, spot tail pins on sandfleas and cut shrimp.  Prior to the weather moving in and ruining water visibility, it was clean enough on the south jetty: During the early morning incoming tide there were small snook, spotted weakfish and sheepshead caught, but that was Wednesday. Until this weather settles down and the water clears, don't expect too much in a good bite anywhere. With that said, I hope everyone has a great week! Also, I wish you a very Merry Christmas and a safe holiday! It's almost here!” — Snookman.