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South shoreline stabilization project nearing completion 

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New rock protects the south side of Sebastian Inlet. 

With the North shore stabilization project completed, contractors are at the final stretch of armoring the South shoreline of Sebastian Inlet. The project deadline is October 21. Both shorelines had been damaged by Hurricane Dorian in 2019.

Anglers and snorkelers have been flocking to the North shore since its reopening and the Sebastian Inlet District hosted a Sept. 17 shoreline cleanup on the North shore as part of International Coastal Cleanup Day. The rocky coastline is drawing game fish and colorful tropical reef fish, such as sergeant majors and royal grammas.

On the South side, bare spots have been filled in with rock from the catwalk under the State Road A1A Bridge west to the T-Dock.

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A view of the South shoreline stabilization project from the Sebastian Inlet Bridge. 

Highlights from the completed North Shoreline portion of the project (below)



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The north shoreline as it appeared on May 13, 2002, prior to the commencement of the stabilization project. 
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The north  shoreline  stabilization project on June 2, 2022. 


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The north shoreline as it appeared on July 13, 2022.
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The north shoreline as it appeared on July 22, 2022

Fast Facts about the North and South Shoreline Stabilization Project


What is the purpose of the North and South Shoreline Stabilization Project?

The Sebastian Inlet District is chartered to maintain the shorelines surrounding the  inlet.  Hurricanes Mathew (2016) and Dorian (2019) eroded portions of the north and south shorelines along the Sebastian Inlet Channel. This project will stabilize both the north and south shorelines by adding new rock and prevent waves from washing upland materials into the inlet channel.

What is the projected timeline for the project?

The project began on May 11 at the North shore, west of Cove Road. This portion is complete..  The South shoreline portion is under way. The contractor performing the work is Sea & Shoreline, LLC. 

What is involved in stabilizing the North and South shorelines, respectively?

The contractor has completed the rehabilitation of approximately 655 linear feet of continuous stabilization along the North Shore of Sebastian Inlet.  The work included covering a relic steel seawall near the tide pool with limestone rip rap.

Work has moved to the South shoreline where crews are filling in denuded areas with limestone rock..  Repairs include the catwalk under the State Road A1A Bridge west to the T-Dock. 

Does the project impact navigation in the Sebastian Inlet Channel?

Navigation is not impacted.  However, boaters should maintain a safe distance from the active work sites.

Does the project impact recreational activities, such as bank fishing, during construction?

In the interest of public health and safety, areas of the park where active construction and rock staging is occurring is temporarily closed to public.   

 When is the project expected to be completed?

Work is expected to wrap up by October 21, 2022.

 How is the project funded and what is the cost?

The project is funded by the Sebastian Inlet District through ad valorem taxes. The total project cost is approximately $1.1 million.