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New sand covers 3,500 feet of beach so far

Crews place and spread sand along Ambersand Beach, south of Sebastian Inlet. 

Jan. 30, 2o23 (Latest Update) - Through January 27, our contractor, Rio-Bak, has delivered and graded approximately 50 percent of the 30,000 cubic yards that will be placed in the project area. Crews have contructed a modest dune from Ambersand Beach Park to about 3,5000 linear feet north. Weather permitting, the reamining 3,500 feet should be completed within the next few weeks. Project details are listed in the January 23 post below.  

Jan. 23, 2023 - Two weeks into our beach sand placement project, our contractor, Ri0-Bak, has already completed about 3,000 linear feet of the 1.5-mile stretch of beach south of Sebastian Inlet. Rio-Bak is constructing a few hundred feet of beach per day and remains on schedule to complete the entire project by March 1st, or perhaps a bit earlier. The  project area begins around the McLarty Treasure Museum and extends approximately 1,500 feet south of Ambersand Beach Park.  Sand placement began at the south end and is moving north. The two-month-long project adds about 30,000 cubic yards of sand (or about 1,760 dump truck loads) to this site.

While it might seem otherwise, this small-scale project is not a response to sand losses caused by Hurricanes Ian and Nicole. Part of our charge is to bypass sand that migrates into the inlet system to downdrift beach per the Florida Beach & Shore Preservation Act.

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Trucks haul sand to the southernmost extent of the project site and work their way north.