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Less junk at the jetty, thanks to law enforcement clean-up operation

fishing net trash
One word: Ick. 

How about some good news for a change? We're giving a shout-out to law enforcement for spending two days (May 18 and 19) removing a shocking amount of detritus from the North jetty and the surrounding waters. 

Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) led a monumental and successful operation that included FWC Northeast Dive Team, Seminole County Sheriffs Office Dive Team, Melbourne Police Dive Team, and Palm Bay Police Dive Team. They retrieved lost lures and scads of monofilament, batteries, rusty hooks, rods, reels and countless other items that can foul the water and harm marine life. 

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Showing off their prize catch!
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An example of the junk that divers pulled out of the water near the North jetty. 


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Thanks to these divers for helping clean up the jetty and its surrounding waters. You ROCK!
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Law enforcement were on the water and in the water cleaning up the North jetty. 
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We're  going to guess that someone had to buy a new fishing pole.
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Trash didn't have a chance when the divers hit the water.
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The least we could do was provide water and yummy crackers for these folks. You deserve lobster salad and a fruity cocktail, but that's against the rules, haha. 

Posted May 19, 2022