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Half of north jetty remains closed to public (Updated 02-01-23)

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Repairs are underway at the north jetty, but about half of the structure is now open to the public. 

Sebastian Inlet State Park has increased access to the north jetty, but about half of the iconic structure remains closed until damage from Hurricane Nicole is complete. Sinkholes have been repaired on the inlet's north side and apron area has reopened. The south catwalk beneath the Sebastian Inlet Bridge has reopened but the north catwalk remains closed. For further details, contact our partners at Sebastian Inlet State Park at

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Crews have completed repairs on the north side of the inlet where Hurricane Nicole caused sinkholes in the apron along the sidewalk.
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A large sinkhole compromised the structural integrity of the sidewalk on the north side of the inlet.
May contain: railing, waterfront, water, handrail, boardwalk, bridge, and pier
The sinkhole is no more!