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Beware of debris in water


May contain: wood, waterfront, water, boat, vehicle, transportation, and driftwood
Debris that has washed ashore at Sebastian Inlet. Beware of debris in waterways. 

Boaters: The waterways can be like a minefield right now. Please slow down and watch for marine debris caused by Hurricane Nicole.

Marine debris — including partially submerged vessels and boards dislodged from docks — can be difficult to see in the water, especially if it's floating below the water’s surface. Encounters with marine debris at sea can result in costly vessel damage, and can even put people’s lives at risk.

If you see marine debris, report it to The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission's Office of Boating and Waterways. You can reach them through their website (FWC), by e-mail or by calling their office at 1-850-488-5600.

last updated 12-06-22