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Week of April 23: Spanish Mackerel, Blues and Pompano

We know anglers have been picking up Spanish Mackerel, Blues and Jacks off the North Jetty with Got-cha lures, spoons and bucktail doing the trick!  Sarah tells us she’s seen some oversized Reds and some decent Snook on the tide changes biting on mojarra, shrimp and lure.  There’s been some nice Pompano on the beaches and off the jetty.  Try sandfleas, clams and shrimp there.  The weather has been magnificent so get out there and enjoy!

We have featured this special guy before..  A shout out to our angler of the week Garryn who has been nicknamed “King of the Jetty” by his fellow anglers for his skill and willingness to share all he knows about fishing.  Wait to go Garryn for landing the Redfish and Black Drums pictured here!

To be featured in the weekly fishing report, send in your pics and details of your fishing trip to the inlet by using the Contact Form on our website.  Pics work best horizontal and if you center the person with their catch.

Our webcam live feed for the North Jetty is back up and running, and we have technicians out there working on the panorama and zoom views.  Check our webcam for current conditions.  Be safe and enjoy!