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New Fishing Pier

New Fishing Pier

New Pier at Sebastian Inlet Creates More Space for Anglers

The Sebastian Inlet District Commission has constructed a new multi-use pier on the south side of the inlet near the State Park’s campground. The new “T-Dock” replaces the old L-shaped dock that was originally built in the early 1960’s and stood on wobbly wooden pilings. In 1964 the site was known as Henry’s Fish Camp. Today the new T-Dock provides three times the area for anglers and sightseers and sits on 28 concrete pilings driven 25 feet into the rock substrate of the inlet. A wooden deck and railing keeps the rustic theme along with fenders and two roof shelters.

While opening up more space for anglers in the Park, just in time for Snook season which opens September 1st, the new dock also provides emergency access for local authorities. The Sebastian Inlet and the surrounding area is world renown for water-related recreation. Unfortunately, these same activities also present the potential for hazards, resulting in occasional rescues on the water. The new dock with swinging gates will ease the transfer of distressed visitors between water and land. Once on land the adjacent parking lot is approved for emergency vehicles and helicopters. The ability to safely use the new T-Dock will save precious time in emergency situations where every minute could make a difference.

The new dock was constructed through a funding partnership between the Inlet District Commission and Florida Inland Navigation District, in cooperation with the State Division of Recreation and Parks. The dock was designed by Atkins Global, Port and Engineering Practice, and constructed by Wilco Construction, Marine Contractors from Ft. Pierce. Cost of construction was $245,000.