Sebastian News

Monday: A few Blues, other species have been spotty

Temperatures and conditions are returning to normal to the delight of our anglers and the surfers competing in the Florida Pro at inlet this week.  Winds are blowing out of the South-Southeast at 6 mph, gusting to 7 and there is a light to moderate chop on the water.  We have some clouds over the inlet this morning and we have potential rain and scattered thunderstorms over the next few days prior to a weak cold front moving through mid week.  The front will create hazardous boating conditions later in the week.

The bite remains on the slow side according to Tommy Turowski at the Sebastian Inlet Bait and Tackle Shop.  A lot of Sting Rays were covering the bottom over the weekend and anglers were even catching them on lures!  When you get one of those big rays on the line, it can feel like a whale on the other end they are so tough to reel in.  A few Blues have been making appearances along with spotty Black Drum, Sheepshead, Reds and Snook.  Thanks for the updateTommy!

Our photo today features Allan Noel of Melbourne.  Allen made it to the inlet to fish on the 14th when temperatures were in the 40’s and high winds were blowing out of the north and it looks like he had the jetty pretty much to himself!  Allan landed the catch and release Snook while fishing the outgoing tide.  The Snook was released right after the photo.  Nice catch Allan!

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Park Info:  The Florida Pro Contest is being held at the Sebastian Inlet.  The contest started Wednesday and will continue through January 24th.  Surfers from all over the world along with some serious local talent have been competing.   The event will host a World Surf League qualifying series event for men and women.  Florida Pro will also host a “Champions and Icons” non-World Surf League sanctioned event featuring former World Surf League champions and professionals.  If the parking lot is full at the State Park, there is a shuttle bus available at the South Beach Community Center parking lot, approximately six miles north for $5.00 per person.  Buses will be running every day of the contest.