Sebastian News

April 4, 2018 Wednesday: Blues and a few Snook, Reds, Black Drum, Jacks and Mackerel

We have a beautiful day at the Sebastian Inlet.   Our kids have really lucked out with great spring break weather this week!  Winds are blowing out of the South-Southwest at 3 mph, gusting to 6 and there is a light chop on the water.  Since we’ve had no rain to speak of the water is clean and clear.  We have a slight chance of showers late this afternoon but overall the forecast is looking good for the remainder of the week and through the weekend.

The bite remains on the slower side which is unusual for spring fishing.  We’ll blame it on the rough conditions we’ve experienced the month of March.  Hopefully with conditions starting to look more like spring we’ll see the bite pick up.  The usual variety of species are being in landed in small numbers.  Blues have been the most likely catch along with Reds, Black Drum, Pompano, Mackerel, Snook and Jacks in the mix.  Get out and toss a line, the weather is perfect for a day of fishing!

Our angler of the day is Maribel Irizarry of Kissimmee.  Maribel and her husband fished the inlet in late March when Maribel landed the huge, 22” Black Margate in today’s photo.  Maribel was using shrimp to land this sweet fish!  Very nice, Maribel.

Send in your photos and fishing updates!

April is Florida Volunteer Appreciation Month.  The FWC is always looking for volunteers to assist with projects.  This is a great opportunity for kids to perform community service hours.  Here are some projects that FWC volunteers are assisting with:

  • Collecting data to increase knowledge of Florida’s imperiled species.
  • Instructing youth, residents and visitors on how to become responsible outdoor recreators.
  • Rescuing marine mammals.
  • Monitoring and restoring oyster reef habitat.
  • Constructing, installing and monitoring nest boxes for southeastern American kestrels and wood ducks.
  • Helping construct and maintain a gravity-fed irrigation system for plants used in scrub habitat restoration.
  • Helping improve visitors’ experiences at many of the FWC’s wildlife management areas.
  • Helping organize scientific data.

Go to Involved, to see FWC volunteer opportunities available statewide and by region.  Additionally, volunteers can sign-up for projects on the, where a wide range of volunteer opportunities are advertised.