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11-20-17 Monday: Spanish Mackerel, Pompano, Reds, Snook, Black Drum, Blues and Jacks

The wind is back and so is the bite. We have Northeast winds blowing at 17 mph, gusting to 21 and the water is choppy. Over the weekend the wind settled down but the bite turned off. We received a couple of updates from inlet regulars who reported the slow bite. Tiffany Kelley of Ocoee was on the north jetty Saturday from 6:00 a.m until 2:00 when they went over to the T-Dock and it was slow there as well. She saw a few Pompano and Jacks, Snook were hit or miss. There was a 30 minute flurry of activity when a school of Reds came through and the same with Black Drum, just a short window and they were gone. Tiffany said it was such a beautiful day; they still had a great time! Thanks Tiffany!

We have heard from a few folks who’ve been fishing the Indian River Lagoon and have had success with good sized Pompano, Spanish Mackerel and Bluefish!

Tony Skinner and his son of Orlando came over to fish the inlet last weekend and although the wind and spray were gnarly, they toughed it out, took about and hour to net some bait south of the inlet and they finally got to fish. They fished the catwalk and about an hour after sunset, Tony landed a short Snook that was returned. A fat little mojarra made a nice meal for the 30″ slot Snook in our first photo. Nice catch Tony!

Al Rodriguez is featured in our second photo today. Al landed this huge C/R Red from the north jetty. What a beast!

Photo three features Allyn Toth with her very first Bluefish she landed in the IRL on a Vudu mullet. Nice catch Allyn!

Photo four is courtesy of Tiffany Kelley, sunrise on the north jetty.

Send in your photos and fishing updates!